Week 11

Following the plan is as easy as... 


Choose your exercise plan 


Find the correct intensity


Complete 3 sessions 

Image by Adrien Olichon



Choose your exercise plan 

Within MOTIVATE LJMU there are four very different exercise programmes available. Click below on each programme for the prescription:  

     - HIIT  

     - Strength 

So first you need to choose which programme you would like to try this week.  You can try more than one programme in a week, for example 1 HIIT session and 2 Cardio-Moderate sessions.

The videos below will explain all the exercise programmes for this week. 


High Intensity Interval Training


This week’s session will last 20 minutes in total.

You can use a variety of different exercise types for the session for example; walking, jogging, cycling or swimming. 


Or check our home-based HIIT exercises in our booklet. 

The session includes:

  • A 2-minute warm up at an RPE of 1 (very light, you should be able to sing, 50-60% of your maximum heart rate).

  • 9x 1-minute intervals at an RPE of 8-9 (high intensity, you can barely catch your breath and only speak a single word, 80-100% of your maximum heart rate).

  • Interspersed by: 9x 1-minute rest periods at an RPE of 1 (very light, you should be able to sing, 50-60% of your maximum heart rate).


Watch the HIIT prescription and exercise videos



This week’s session will last 42 minutes in total  (including warm up & recovery periods).

Follow our videos or check out the Strength training booklet for more details on the different exercises to try.


The session includes: 

  • A 2-minute warm up jogging on the spot. 

  • 9 Strength exercises for 12 reps each. 

  • 30 seconds of rest in between exercises 

  • Each set of 9 exercises is repeated 3 times 




Find the correct intensity

As you will have seen in the videos above, within the exercise plan you will be provided with both exercise duration and an exercise intensity. 

Exercise intensity is based off an RPE chart. RPE means rate of perceived exertion, this is how hard you are finding the exercise from a scale of 1-10. 

Exercise intensity is one of the most important elements of a training programme. If you need more information about RPE and exercise intensity click on the link below. 




Complete 3 sessions 

Each week you will need to complete 3 sessions to get the full benefit from the programme. 

We suggest having a day break inbetween each session e.g. Monday Wednesday and Friday.

Remember you don't need to do the same programme for every session. If you don't have time one day try our Cardio-vigorous or a HIIT session instead.